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Get an oil change and car inspection in one stop!

Our cars work hard for us. They run in hot, cold, and bad weather. We want to make sure yours is reliable and won’t break down when you least expect it. We suggest our comprehensive vehicle inspection, which one of ASE Certified Master Technicians will complete to make sure everything is working as it should. Preventive maintenance is a great way to feel safe when you are behind the wheel. Our comprehensive vehicle inspection will look at all the parts of your vehicle that could cause a future problem. We inspect hoses, brakes, belts, and every running part of your car that could leave you stranded. Why wait to have your car act up when you can have it inspected by an ASE Master Certified Technician that will give it a point by point inspection and make sure there are no faulty or damaged parts. When you leave, you will know you have a great-running, reliable vehicle.

When Should My Car Get Serviced?

Good question! We recommend that you make sure to check your tires and their inflation every month. Getting your oil changed and fluids checked every three months or 3,000 miles will ensure the parts on your car are lubricated and aren’t working harder than they have to which can cause stress and cause your car to stall or experience future problems. Check out our Car Care Club to keep you covered and up to date with making sure your car is staying well maintained. Preventive maintenance is the most important step to keep your car running optimally.

What makes our oil changes so special?

Every time you bring your car into our shop for an oil change, we will check all your fluids for you! Schedule an appointment and check one thing off that long to-do list. We will take care of your car so you don’t have to! Our signature service oil change gives you more. You get the best oil that is suited for your car as well as the fluids topped off and inspected. That includes transmission fluid, checking your air filter, changing your oil filter, windshield washer fluid, the coolant or antifreeze in your radiator, and brake fluid! Our technicians have your car’s best interest in mind and are always looking for leaks, corroded battery cables, and tire condition. We care about you and your car! Having the proper level of fluids is so important as they lubricate all the moving parts in your car to make sure they work properly. When you bring in your car for an oil change, you are getting so much more. We want to make sure your car is safe and will take care of it like it is our own. We will check all your fluids and make sure they are all topped off and ready to get your car on the road!

What about my car’s alignment? The wheel seems to be pulling and my car is hard to control.

A car’s alignment is very important and it aids in drivability and handling in your car. Not only that, it saves you money since you receive better gas mileage, your tires will last longer, and your car will be safer! We have a computerized alignment system that makes sure your car is accurately aligned so you can stay on the road, drive with ease, and have a smooth ride! It’s like getting a new pair of shoes!

In St. Charles, we want to be the place you stop for giving your car the preventive maintenance it deserves! Why wait to break down on the side of the road when we can give you a comprehensive vehicle inspection when you stop in for an oil change! Our highly trained technicians will listen to you and make sure your car is running smoothly. Is your car making sounds it shouldn’t or smoking? Let us take a look and get your car running so it is safe and reliable. When you stop into our shop for an oil change, know that your car is in good hands.

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